Write an dissertation

10. quite often, post-graduate student (especially in high school) perceive as free labour.

Avoid. Or bargain-for all that you do to bring closer to the goal of the thesis. It is not necessary that this was just the text of the thesis. Article, or simply public speaking skill, and good relationships are also needed.

11. protect themselves in Native Council immeasurably easier.

In this regard, you may want to ask and which specialty and theme relevant and generally can be considered at the Council. Each Council is its own set of majors. Identification and passport profiles can be found on the Internet.

12. do not put off writing articles at the last moment. Now the candidate require at least 10 publications, with two or three of them (for different occupations differently) should be in the VAKovskom list (detailed requirements here. thanks for the link to the user DreamWalker).

If there is a more-or-less completed piece to describe and publish. If you want to modify-write an article about plans for further development. But as dorabotaete-yet another article. Of course, each working to describe, but and polished to a mirror finish is pointless.

Article writing is a skill that trains. His first scientific article I wrote for more than three months. Now on to understand, I can write an article for 4:0 (so do not be-the article is still a serious matter).

13. participation in conferences, as well as explore other abstracts or just sit in on overcurrent protection/faculty meeting is useful, the more other people’s examples before my eyes, the clearer become the requirements and expectations.

14. any questions or ideas you have on the course of writing the text, write in a separate file.

If you change the theme of the thesis is to save old drafts. Any comments you make as you work, keep, and the responses to them. Apart from the fact that it’s just a useful source of your own ideas, you are all very useful at a later stage is the preparation of additional materials.

Of course, all of my friends and acquaintances I know Crystal honest people, but I have heard that there are cases where applicants have to write the review Manager. Reviews of opponents. 10 reviews for dissertation from various universities from all over the country. Acts deployment. Conclusion. And many other interesting documents. Let’s put it this way, there is a situation that you, too, will have to do it.

15. typical mistakes and problems is a lack of scientific novelty.

Very big problem that is typical of many works. People are not able to articulate what was new (and sometimes don’t think about this in the process of writing-as in the diploma, for example, is rarely needed). But the master’s thesis on the complexity is roughly 10 diplomas.

For each item the scientific novelty, I recommend that the wording of the triad:

Proposed featuring , which allows .