essay story

The life story of a Penny
A creepy night on a small island, there was still brightness in a secret room, the
peoples inside were fake-coin makers, i was just been pressed into a fake coin. It’s
ashamed to be a fake coin, but my fun adventure has just started.
After I was made, they put me in a sack with a whole bunch of other hot coins.
Then, they put us in an airplane and went of. Luckily, I was at the very top of the sack,
wasn’t squeezed at the very bottom because we flied for a long time. I thought the pilot
was gonna go far and buy something that was already in plan, after about an hour, a
strong beam shot to the plane, i was very sure that someone has spotted the plane and
was going to call the police, because no one was allowed to fly a plane that low that
flashlight could even spot the plane, then something very strange happened, the plane
slowed down until the plane was circling around the two people! Then I noticed, the flash
light must be a signal. With that, one of the pilot pushed the big sack down. Thump! We
made a rough landing in a dark Forest. After the two people checked the amount of coins,
they herd the police car sound. They quickly grabbed the bag and ran away. But they did
not find out that I was accidentally dropped out of the sack.
Next morning, a small boy and his parents came to this forest and had a picnic,
when they were packing up, the little boy found me and put me in his pocket, after they got
home, the little boy went in a sweet shop and bought a lollypop. the shopkeeper didn’t look
much so he handed me and another few bills to a young man that worked in his shop for
his last wages, the young man received his last wages from her and went to the airport, he
arrived at the airport and headed for the airplane to China’s capital, Beijing for new work,
when he got to Beijing’s airport, he went to the Currency Exchange table and got all his
money out and accidentally dropped me and i rolled beside a boy’s foot. The boy picked
up the coin and gasped out, look mom! I’ve found a penny! How did it come here?


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